Board of directors

It is made up of elected members (inhabitants) by the General Assembly and representatives of the city.
It consists of the board and active members.
The Board of Directors meets once every two months and the Bureau once a month.
The Board of Directors administers the life of the association.

The board of directors is a group of legal or natural persons responsible for administering an institution, like an association, a company or a public institution.

Association founders have great freedom in choosing the rules of organization and operation of their organization. They are also free to set up an association office or not.

However, even if the establishment of an association office is optional, it is strongly recommended to institute one. Indeed, the board is the executive body of the association, he's the one who runs it.

Its role is particularly wide and important since its objective is to ensure the smooth running of associative life (decision on day-to-day management, application of decisions taken in GA, compliance with regulations, etc.).

The office and the board of directors :

  • President : AHLBORN Henriette
  • Vice-Presidents : CHAIX Marie-Thérèse and ALOFS Christine
  • Secretary : BELLOT Xavier
  • Treasurer : JOURDAN Carole
  • Adjunct treasurer : SIMON Jean-Christophe
  • Board members : CHANCRIN Marcel / HERPIN Monique / SAWADOGO Ernest / MEDANI Zoubida
  • Board member : BALAGNA Cedric / ELEZAAR MEDHI / DECKERT Bruno / BALLAND Francois / BALDOS Jean-Louis

IF you want to join the office or our board of directors, apply at the next general assembly.

The MJC Anatole France team

  • Director : M. CHAMON Karim
  • Deputy Director and Youth Manager 15 – 25 years : M. BOUCIREB Amin
  • Secretary – Home : Mrs BELKHALA Samia
  • Secretary – Home : Mrs REY Nadège
  • Child and Extracurricular Manager 3 – 10 years : Mrs TERUEL Annah
  • Pre-teens manager 11 – 14 years : Mrs PREVOST Leïdja
  • Service Agent : Mme NADER Nassira

The MJC consists of a team of animators for Wednesdays and school holidays, young people on civic service contracts and activity technicians.