Everest Club 11 - 14 years

Responsible Club Everest : Leïdja PREVOST
e-mail : mjcafleidja@gmail.com

 Everest Club   11-14 years : welcome to the Saturdays during school periods and the weeks in School vacation.

The proposed activities are chosen in partnership with young people and fall within the 3 flagship projects determined by the group :

  • Sentient's action | discover its environment, the influence of man on it, existing solutions and invent new ones
  • Cultures, a future | become aware of cultural diversity (urban, rural, digital) to build an ecologically and socially responsible future
  • Get in touch with | understand and question the different forms of relationship between body and mind (the relation to oneself, the relationship to the other)

You can find the details of these projects by here !

 The young people and the leaders move forward together towards common objectives :

  • Enjoy enjoyable and educational leisure time ;
  • Go towards autonomy and the discovery of citizenship
  • Develop your critical sense
  • Sharpen your curiosity and your desire to know the world around us

To do this, Club Everest members remember this sentence from Gandhi : 

The golden rule of conduct is mutual tolerance, cause we'll never all think the same, we will only see part of the truth and from different angles.
You can find here the charter of life to which young people and animators commit to enjoy moments in good humor and respect :
Club Everest Youth Charter and Animators life charter.
For more information, you can also read the educational project of Club Everest available just here.


During the school holidays, young people are welcomed at Club Everest from Monday to Friday.
Young people can arrive between 7.45 a.m. and 9.00 a.m., and leave between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m..

Holiday programs are built with young people around 3 flagship projects of Club Everest.

The week's activities are organized as follows :

  • of the morning initiations (sport, culture, nature)
  • of the themed afternoon (monday thu, Tuesday sport, Wednesday nature, culture friday)
  • a day trip on Thursday
  • The winter vacation program has arrived VES The winter vacation program has arrived

A bridge is set up with the group of Wolves (9-10 years) Club Anatole on Friday morning so that future Club Everest members get to know the young people, the group leaders and dynamics.

Evenings can be set up in the evening according to the wishes of the young people during the preparation of the programs.

Stays are organized during spring holidays, summer and fall.

The April vacation program is available !

Registrations are open ! Meet at the secretariat during opening hours.


During school periods, young people are welcomed at Club Everest on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m..

The Saturday of the year program is built with the young people during the first sessions.

The 3 Club Everest projects will be approached in the form of cycles.

Each cycle includes discovery-by-doing activities, meetings with professionals and / or associations, exhibition creation times.

Find the program for Teen Saturdays below 2023 2024

Some memories in photos :



Registration with Leïdja :

  • by email |  mjcafleidja@gmail.com
  • by Snapchat |  everest_gang
  • by Instagram |  mjcaf38

Participation is free, the young person must simply be up to date with his MJC membership (5.50 € per year).


Inscription with the secretariat of MJC Anatole France

Administrative documents to be provided :

Fill out the health form (available at reception)
Bring the CAF payment certificate in hard copy (of the current month) or the last tax notice.
Young person's health record (last DT Polio recall)
Payment method
case of allergy or chronic illness, parents must
It is imperative to inform the association at the time of registration.
A medical certificate signed by the attending physician or allergist must be sent to the association.

A noter :

  • Registration will only be considered final upon receipt of all documents (regulation included)
  • Registration may also be refused if payment for previous periods has not been made.
  • No registration will be taken into account by email or phone.

When ?

Monday 16h00 – 18h45
Tuesday 16h00 – 18h45
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. / 16h00 – 18h45
Thursday 17h00 – 18h45
Friday 16h30 – 18h15

No registration will be possible outside of these hours.

Registrations open 3 weeks before the start of short vacations and 4 weeks for summer vacation.

Registrations will be taken in
depending on the number of places available, we advise you to
remember to register your children in advance and not wait for them
last days of registration.

Absences / Cancellations :

It is always possible to cancel a day by warning the secretariat of the MJC, one week before the day of absence.

After this time, no cancellation
may be taken into account by the secretariat. The day with or without
you will be charged for the meal.
Any absence not justified by a medical certificate provided within 1 week will be billed.




without meal


 with meal


(5 days)

without meal


(5 days)

with meal

0 – 343

5 €

8 €

23 €

38 €

344 – 559

7 €

10 €

33 €

48 €

560 – 920

9 €

12 €

43 €

58 €

921 – 1220

11 €

14 €

53 €

68 €

1221 – 1620

13 €

16 €

63 €

78 €

1621 and +

15 €

18 €

73 €

88 €


  • For safety reasons, the arrival and departure of children must be done on the premises of the MJC. Children must be accompanied to be entrusted to supervisory staff.

  • If the young person is allowed to come and go alone, this information must be mentioned when registering. In the opposite case, only parents (or the legal representative) or the persons mentioned on the parental authorization completed at registration can retrieve it (it can evolve over the year).

  • Parents must notify in writing, any unusual departure of their children.

  • The phones, consoles, MP3, jewelry or other valuables should be avoided, in case of loss or theft, the association cannot be held responsible.

  • It is recommended that young people wear clothes adapted to the activities / outings offered.

  • In case of exit, young people are asked to come equipped with a backpack in which there is a water bottle / tissues / sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses (in fine weather) / gloves and a scarf (in winter).