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Who are we ?

Founded in 1961, the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture Anatole France is the very first MJC created in Grenoble. It is a law association 1901 and popular education non-profit serving the entire population by defending the values ​​of secularism, of citizenship, of solidarity through cultural and sporting events since soon 60 years.
You will find here the statutes of the MJC.

A whole project :

Federating the local social and associative fabric..

Many partners, associative, paras-municipal, educational institutions (public private), social landlords, prevention services are present in MJC projects throughout the year. It also welcomes, daily, various non-profit associations for technical assistance, logistics and educational.

The association maintains various partnerships with the association Science et Malice, the tray, the F.C. Mistral, the MJC Parmentier, MJC des
Clear waters, the house of the inhabitants, the Wild Plum, Collet’Allevard station, Autrans en Vercors station, the Papothèque, and so many others ... in order to be able to offer various sports and / or cultural activities and activities, by being the bearer of projects while ensuring real coordination between the various local associative actors.

... to make it strong and alive !

MJC Anatole France is more open than ever to new projects, attentive to societal contexts and to all audiences, with special attention to children and young people.

We would like to insist on the fact that most of the projects defended and organized are reflected and built in a transversal way.. The concern to involve as many people as possible is omnipresent. The resulting collective strength is only denser, effective and efficient and allows to build projects that best match the realities of the territory, to the realities of our society and more broadly of our world. Everyone in their place and it is this disinterested involvement that guarantees consistency, the relevance and commitment of the different actors.

The MJC is a living association, it is for this reason that changes in the teams take place every year, with arrivals and departures of professional staff, volunteers, as you will notice in the flowchart

he activities offered by the MJC are renewed regularly, but we can cite as examples : Badminton, battery, Zumba, yoga, QI Gong, guitar, plastic arts, science et malice, escalade, judo, chess, karate, sarbacane, Hip-Hop (Breakdance), drawing, journalism, music introduction, sarbacane, dance, archery.

Enjoy your visit to our site;
And we look forward to seeing you all very soon with us. !

The whole MJC AF team

Our team :

The smiles of our team :



Director of the MJC



Deputy Director and
Youth manager


Edouard MAILLE

Responsible for children



Co-responsible for children


Responsible Club Everest



Games manager


Nadège REY

Reception secretary