Associative project

MJC Anatole France

An associative project is the result of a collective reflection on what the members of the association wish to achieve, on how they want to do it and when, given the current situation of their structure. It is the testimony that the association reflects on its past and present action, and on his future. The objectives chosen represent the association's policy in the short, medium and long term.


Let us recall beforehand that an associative project is the first basic document of an associative structure : he is the one who develops the values ​​on which the structure wants to work. This document must be designed by the Board of Directors and voted on at the General Assembly, in order to give the guiding line. The management of the structure must use this document, which is not negotiable, to develop its educational project and work with its team on its animation project.
MJC Anatole France was born in 1961.
It is an associative structure governed by law 1901.

I / The framework of the MJC

The MJC Charter
Text of the Charter : (text taken from (Being an administrator of the MJC) page 3, published by MJC in Rhône-Alpes in October 2001)

  • Vocation :

The Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture is an association that runs a project and manages equipment for the benefit of the inhabitants of a neighborhood, of a municipality. Its vocation is to promote the autonomy and development of people. It gives everyone access to education and culture, so that everyone participates in the construction of a more united society.

  • Mission :

Democracy being lived on a daily basis, the mission of the MJC is to animate places of experimentation and social innovation that meet the expectations of members and residents. The actions, the services of the MJC encourage the initiative, taking responsibility and developing a civic practice.
The educational action of the MJC towards and with young people is an essential part of its mission.

  • Values :

The MJC is open to all without discrimination, it allows a friendly relationship between the participants.
She respects personal convictions, the pluralism of ideas and the principles of secularism which are the basis of republican values.
It contributes to the creation and strengthening of social environments.
The MJC promotes the transfer of knowledge and experiences between generations, it encourages the expression and cultural practices of the entire population.
It acts in partnership with local and regional authorities as well as with its environment.
Force of proposals, the MJC works for the general interest, it is a place of social mediation.
It is in this context that the associative project was thought out.

II / The values ​​of MJC Anatole FRANCE

The values ​​carried by the MJC are grouped under three main values ​​which constitute the foundations of our association:

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Personal and Collective Growth

A / Education

  • Education to citizenship

The MJC has a role of education in citizenship and taking responsibility.
The MJC defends secularism and equality.
It is open to all without discrimination. Which means that whatever his racial and social origins, his sexual and religious orientations, anyone can become a member.
The MJC must help individuals integrate into the structure and by extension, to integrate into a democratic society.

  • Solidarity education

The MJC has a role of education in solidarity.
The MJC takes into account each person's situation.
However, without refraining from participating in such projects, the primary vocation of the MJC is not to directly carry out solidarity projects.

  • Education and social mediation

In this context, the MJC can be associated with educational actions such as the establishment of an awareness and prevention system in the health field.

B / Culture

The mission of the MJC is to bring culture to all.
It fulfills this mission within the limits of its logistical resources., human and financial.
It must encourage the practice of cultural activities taking into account their financial accessibility in order to promote their dissemination.
The MJC promotes innovation, diversity and openness (other cultures, other practices,…) and attaches great importance to the engagement of young people in the cultural field.

C / Individual and Collective Development

By the actions she proposes, the MJC helps everyone to enrich themselves among others and thus to progress individually.
The MJC is a place of meeting and exchange and culture of social bond.
It favors "doing together" and projects carried out jointly.
It directs its actions to bring the individual to a more collective conception of life.
She strives to be vigilant about the well-being of the individual. It listens to its environment and its members and takes their expectations into account in the construction of its program.
The MJC must set up a progression system in its training program.

III / Operational objectives

The MJC poses in principle the search for quality and continuous improvement in all the actions it undertakes in the exercise of its mission.

  • Education

o Encourage the taking of responsibility by children and young people, l’engagement.

o Promote an active role for everyone

o Empower members

o Promote a respectful approach to our ecosystem in our actions.

o Culture

Foster creativity and experimentation
Promote the attractiveness of cultural activities and events.
Promote and open to knowledge of the natural environment.

  • Individual and collective development

o Promote inter or transgenerational links

o Bring gender balance to life : girls / boys… women / men

o Promote the move towards public tranquility for the betterment of everyone, by being present with children, young people and families.

o Promote transversality between activities, to promote meetings.

o Develop partnerships with the environment ( associations, municipality, local communities,…)

o Develop the implementation of group activities

o Promote taking responsibility within the association

IV / Project implementation

The implementation of the project is under the responsibility of the Director, whose responsibility is to propose to the Board of actions and projects consistent with the association's project.

V / The evaluation

The evaluation induces a permanent questioning of this associative project.
It must be reviewed every year.
The members of the association's board of directors are responsible for respecting the stated values ​​and therefore whether or not they validate the educational projects proposed by the director.
They must ensure that all the stated values ​​have been taken into account in the overall action proposed. They must be vigilant not to allow other values ​​to be insidiously established that would go against their own.